Disability Job Provider: Discover a New Approach to NDIS Customised Employment

Making it easy for employers to hire people living with disabilities and making a positive change to your workplace and the community by being an NDIS Customised Employment service provider.

We are the new kid on the block. Working with our clients to find the industry they want to work in and then working with employers to job carve a role that is suitable for them. The goal of NDIS Customised Employment is to tailor a job to fit the skills, interests, strengths, and support needs of people living with disabilities whilst meeting the needs of your business.

We remove barriers and create opportunities for people living with disabilities live more comfortably and pursue their dreams at work.

Better Employment Connections is committed to providing employers support on how they may be able to accommodate these individuals so that everyone has an opportunity at work.

Looking to employ people living with disabilities?

We make it easy for you.

Disability should not be a barrier to employment. People living with disabilities have a lot to offer employers, including skills, experience and knowledge. By increasing diversity in the workplace, employers can also tap into new markets and create a more inclusive workplace culture.

At Better Employment Connections, we believe that disabilities are no barrier to success. We’re passionate about connecting people living with disabilities with employers who value their skills and experience. We know that jobseekers with special needs can make a positive difference to the workplaces and communities, and we’re dedicated to making this happen.

If you’re an employer who wants to make a change, we want to hear from you. We will collaborate with you to find the best individuals for your company, and we will be there for you every step of the way.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create a more inclusive workplace.

What are the benefits of hiring people living with disabilities?

Many employers are now seeking to employ diverse talents in order to meet current and future demands. This is because differently abled individuals often have a wealth of skills and experience that can be beneficial to businesses. Additionally, employing people living with disabilities can help boost a company’s diversity and inclusion credentials. Below are some reasons why hiring employees with disabilities could benefit your company now and in the long run.


They tend to take fewer days off, have fewer sick days, take less vacation time, and have a higher retention rate than other employees. They are also very reliable and dedicated and tend to stick to their jobs longer than regular employees.


Given the proper training and support, they can perform just as well, if not better, than anyone else as most of them have heightened focus, and specialised abilities that makes them productive individuals in the right job.

Lower Risk

Costs associated with compensation, insurance, and recruitment of disabled workers are lower compared to other employees. Studies also shows that workers with disabilities are less likely to be injured than other employees.

Good for the Business

Customers form enduring relationships with employees with disabilities. They encourage employee morale and commitment by fostering a diverse workforce. Costs for recruitment, retraining, and turnover are reduced, which has a long-term significant impact financially on your business.

Ready to make your workplace a diversified one but do not know where to start? We're here to help!

Find the best talent for your organisation

Employers who want to hire people living with disabilities may encounter some obstacles. Most Australian managers are having difficulties when attempting to hire or work with person living with disabilities, and more than 50% have never done so. With Better Employment Connections, we can help you overcome these barriers and give you the confidence that both you, being a disability employment service provider and your employee is going to be supported every step of the way.


Access to Diversified Talents

We provide access to a diverse pool of talents that are trained and efficiently equipped to be work-ready. This will help you gain dedicated employees as we help NDIS participants customise their employment options and find jobs that are right for them.

Connect and Create Setup

We collaborate with you and the employee to create a unique job and setup that suits the employee and specifically towards your needs. We’ll have the ability to negotiate around your business needs and able to carve out a role specific to both parties.

Post-Employment Support

Have total support from the start and through the employment process from our Customised Employment Specialist. Our on-the-job support worker will guide the employee (if required) to address any concerns around employee abilities.

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